Financial Aid for PhD Students

You may be daunted by the price tag on a PhD. The good thing though is that there are options for financial aid and funding. More often than not PhD students can even receive more than one type of aid. Fellowships, assistantships, teaching stipends, grants, and loans are all options for aid.

PhD Fellowships

Fellowships exist both within your university and from external sources. Usually fellowships from external sources will provide multiple year packages of funding if you maintain a certain GPA level. You should contact your PhD department and inquire about a list of fellowships that are applicable to your degree. A few fellowships you may want to investigate include:

PhD Grants

Grants are lump sums of money that you do not have to repay. They can be used towards travel, research, experiments, or projects. There are many sources for grant funding, including:

  • Government
  • Private Sources
  • Organizations
  • Foundations

Government grants are typically designated to students in need, such as minority students or those who have a low household income. Government grants also require that students maintain a certain GPA in order to receive the aid.

Private grants are in the form of scholarships or grants and they have their own specific set of guidelines depending on the organization. The amount offered also depends on the organization and the individual.

PhD Scholarships

Like grants, scholarships are a lump sum of money that is awarded to students based on specific qualifying guidelines. Usually scholarships are designated towards those who show academic excellence or talent in a particular area. They’re also offered to specific fields of study, those with financial need, or those from certain ethnic backgrounds.

Like grants, scholarship funding varies depending on where it’s originating from. Universities, institutions, organizations, and businesses all offer scholarships to PhD students. Usually they’re awarded annually, although sometimes scholarships can be a one-time occurrence. You can contact your school and inquire about scholarship opportunities they have available.

PhD Loans

You can always get a loan to finance your PhD education. Loans are based on student need, but unlike grants and scholarships you must repay your loans. Loans are available through government, schools, banks, or private organizations.

Graduate Degrees for Higher Education

Walden University PhD: Higher Education EdD: Higher Edu & Adult Learning EdD: Higher Edu Leadership EdD: Adult Edu Leadership MS: Higher Education MS: Global Higher Edu Walden University › If you want several options for choosing what degree to obtain, Walden University has one of the biggest selections of programs in Higher Education, including a PhD in Higher Education and an EdD in either Higher Education and Adult Learning or Higher Education Leadership. Walden was founded in 1970.
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Northcentral University EdD: Higher Edu Leadership PhD: Higher Edu Leadership MEd: Higher Edu Leadership Northcentral University › Northcentral University is a smaller school in Arizona that offers business, psychology, and education degrees. Students can work towards their EdD and PhD in Higher Education Leadership with online classes that require no campus visitation. NCU was founded in 1990 and has over 10,000 students currently enrolled.
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Kaplan University MS: Higher Edu - College Teaching & Learning MS: Higher Edu - Online College Teaching MS: Higher Edu - Student Affairs Kaplan University › Even though Kaplan University does not offer PhD-level programs, the school remains one of the most popular choices in higher education for students wanting to take their careers to the next level. The school does offer master’s degree in Higher Education in College Teaching and Learning, Online College Teaching, and Student Affairs.
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